Jackie Hai

Photo and Video

  • The light rail is packed with #RedForEd demonstrators making their way to downtown Phoenix for rally at the Capitol.

  • Students marching to the Arizona Capitol in support of #RedForEd.

  • An estimated 50,000 people filled the streets of downtown Phoenix to march for teachers and school staff across the state.

  • Third grade teacher Danita Young prepares her desk before the start of the school day as teachers across the Valley welcomed their students back into the classroom Friday after a week of closures.

  • Danita Young waits outside to welcome students back to Val Vista Lakes Elementary; a parent's car is decorated with messages of support.

  • Danita Young helps a student with a math worksheet.



Photos for KJZZ’s coverage of Arizona’s #RedForEd teacher walkout and eventual return to classrooms.

Reporting by Mariana Dale, Casey Kuhn, Jimmy Jenkins and Stina Sieg.