Jackie Hai

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  • Several years ago, Shannon Hubbard developed complex regional pain syndrome in her leg. It’s considered one of the most debilitating chronic pain conditions. Recently, she says her doctor lowered her dose citing new state rules on opioids.

  • The main road through Dolan Springs, Arizona. Mohave County has been cited as one of the hotspots of the opioid epidemic.

  • Jay Fleming has been taking opioids for his chronic pain ever since a failed back surgery. He depends on the medication to get around, but says lately heightened scrutiny of opioids has put patients like him under suspicion.

  • Miriam Goodbody tests for HIV and Hepatitis C in health clinics across northern Arizona, where many are dealing with addiction.

  • Jessica Murphy in her home in Kingman, Arizona. Murphy worked with her doctor to get off of prescription opioids.


Arizona Opioids

Photos for KJZZ’s ongoing coverage of Arizona’s opioid crisis and patients affected by legislation.

Stories: [1] [2] [3] [4]. Reporting by Will Stone.